Thank you for your suggestions.

Ideas how the game could be improved and suggestions for subsequent versions of the game. (this is just a space for ideas! We can't guarantee suggestions will be implemented!)

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Thank you for your suggestions.

Post by Zbombe » 19.01.2007, 22:47

Thank you for the numerous ideas and suggestions.
Certainly sometimes something get picked out of here and / or with further developments in game included.

This represents a discussion platform, in which you communicate your wishes and ideas and can discuss about them with other Users.

Please understand that Nasenprinz can't write a statement to all ideas.
For probably comprehensible reasons, here also cannot be answered all ideas in each case, whether and when something will be included.
If Nasenprinz had to answer in each case, no time would be for any changement.
Of course, we take knowledge of all suggestions, and try to realize things, which are in our eyes makable.

Thank you for your help to optimize the game again and again.