multiple companies

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multiple companies

Post by Guest » 02.04.2014, 18:03

(1) Every player may use only one account. So-called multi accounts are not allowed.

When this game was at its peak it had 320 people simultaneously on the forums at one point in time. At that point in time Rule 1 applied (and obviously still applies today).

However times in kapiland have changed with alot of the older players leaving more often out of boredom than not. (I have been steadily seeing new players joining...but that is another debate)

My suggestion is the following. There are still a few hard core kapiland players around like myself. Let admins revise rule 1 and allow multiple accounts. Let these accounts be registered in the same manner that players do in the holiday replacement section in the forum and make the company names obvious ie. AivaRoss and AivaRoss 2 and AivaRoss 3 or AivaRoss and AivaRoss TIB etc. The obvious rule here will still apply. There can never be any inter trading between these companies even buying from the market.

The one thing that this will accomplish is to stir the economy by a certain percentage. Once apon a time you couldnt find player produced stone on the market. Now the market is flooded. Secondary companies would obviously start buying stone.

New gold coins would be bought. I would be one of the players buying coins in order to inject the second company resulting in more money coming in for the game developers.

Older players would become less bored by trying out new business models and strategies thus creating different markets and opportunities.

..and i could probably write a whole story about the creation of secondary companies.

Even though admins might not consider the revision of Rule 1. What does everyone else think?


Re: multiple companies

Post by Guest » 08.04.2014, 14:22

I completely agree and was thinking about the same thing... I am far from having my company fully expanded but sometimes I wish I could open a new company just to pursue completely different strategy and see what happens. I have a company in Realm1 and Realm2 and when a lot of your building are expanding and it takes 1000s of hours to complete there is nothing to do in between. I would like to manage more companies. I also agree with the statement that it would revitalise the game which is kind of boring right now (a lot of player became self-sufficient so they just sell items they produce in stores). There is lack of trading and lack of interaction among players.

So, I would love to have a second account!

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