A way to improve selling in the stores

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A way to improve selling in the stores

Post by Guest » 08.02.2013, 17:28


I noticed that stores work in a way a bit uncorrect: if I have understood, the time to sell the products depends in the huge part from the price and the quality of your products, compared with the average quality and price of the statistics.
So, if anyone sell the products.. average price fall down and it becomes quite impossible to sell that product in the stores with an acceptable gain. But the real market works in the opposite way: if there is demand, and few people sell that product, the price grow up!!

In Kapilands nearly everybody sell in the stores those 5/6 products that have a good gain (Wardrobes, Gas, Motorbikes..) and the rest of the store market is lifeless (low possibility to sell with a good gain, low demand from the game players, low prices of products in the market (like food or beverage)!!! And all the game is quite boring...

I suggest to get better the algorithm that calculates the time of selling in the stores: it should be based on a minimum price/quality (calculated for examples on average prices/quality of materials or fixed and updated periodically), and then the time should increase of a percentage where the relation supply/demand is higher.. and to decrease where the relation is lower.

I think that in this way tha game will become more active and more interesting!!!



Re: A way to improve selling in the stores

Post by Guest » 28.02.2013, 17:03

the real market works like when there is demand, prices of products stays high but if u start produce and sell more than demand is, than prices goes down because market stagnate.

in kapilands my opinion is that market depend on number of residents in regions u build stores, their employment
but also a size of your store and advertisment, and if supply price is bigger than their average demand price than it will go down,that mean you will need more time to sell same goods at same price.

but this is a game.

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