We need a WAR!!!

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We need a WAR!!!

Post by Guest » 18.10.2012, 18:07

Hi, I am new to this game and I have allready talk with several milionares and I found out that there are no risk in this game at all is that the truth? if is,than no wonder that game became boring.

like in Real Life we need disasters floods,earthquakes, WarS, crysis,sindicats, rebbels,crime, insurances sometimes to break down huge corporations and weakened them in the same time, why? where else peeps should invest their money counted in milion 00000000000000000000000 dollars they have. Peeps have nowhere to spend. there must be some RISK in this game.Bigger corp should have bigger risk (more realistic than that peeps reset account cuz they got bored)

as I got information that there are no daily fees or expenses per employer and other costs, what must be implemented in game,if player temporary do not play game, he should loose money daily for his expenses,this should force players to play more active,or bankrot.

i would implement TAX for property owning per m2, and if you do not produce u re loosing as daily expenses. there must be space for small and new companies.

there are alot more what could activate this game more and make it more dynamic.
(transport as investment and if you do not active use it ,the daily transport expenses should force u to do so, or let others who are more active to run them.)

why i wrote all of this? BECAUSE this game have huge potencial, must be edited to be dynamic and to run extended economy.
if u think that I am wrong or that some of the implements are allready in,than I wasnt informed properly,and if do, than I am sorry for my (i could say) "aggresive stance" :D



Re: We need a WAR!!!

Post by Guest » 02.12.2012, 13:35

Jeez, that's a bit far-fetched for this game haha. I spent 3 years trying to get the bank to work again and that was a flop. :lol:

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