Vary the Special Buildings deliveries

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Vary the Special Buildings deliveries

Post by Guest » 13.07.2012, 14:07

There are tons of things, small and big, that can be done to the game to improve it. I'm not going to go over them all but I do have one "small" thing that should be looked into - if the developers decide to upgrade Kapilands.

The Special Buildings deliveries.

They have annoyed me for a while now. There are 16x4 products to be delivered to all four buildings, yet many of the products are repeated over and over. It would be nice if the deliveries were more varied.

Currently, there are multiples of:
Wardrobes, Beds, Chairs (3 buildings).
Televisions (2 buildings; twice in 1 of them).
Toothpaste, Detergents and Shampoo (2 buildings).
Apple Juice (3 buildings)
..just to mention the most repeated..

Shaking this up could make the "easy" vs. "difficult" delivery buildings more prominent.
Kindergarten: majority of deliveries only made once per shipment. (currently so)
Other building: majority of deliveries considered complex end product, causing competitivness.
And of course make it a little easier for food producers to make a profit. Even outside of "Europe". 8)

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