Incentives for selling at the market!

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Incentives for selling at the market!

Post by Guest » 21.03.2012, 21:59

I think that there should be more incentives to sell at the market rather than sell by contracts wich is cheaper, more profitable but keeps the products away from the small companies...
Nobody likes to depend on someone to sign a contract, and I think that its way more fun to more competitive at the market, by rivalring (dont know if this word exists) with other producers to see who sells first and at the best price! Its a rush to display your products for everyone at the cheaper price and see when someone buys it!

Contracts are dull, its always the same thing, you know that that guy is going to buy from you so there are no risks and you profit more, but I mean, really? Its kind of boring sending contracts all the time and the products should be at the market for new players to fell some support and to be aware that there are more players playing this game because when someone new sees such a low movement on the market they think that nobody plays this game... Instead, everybody is playing safe by secretly sending some papers and contracts.

I think that players should be incentived to sell at the market, and the game should try to appeal to it!
For example,"Sunday Fee Free" or something like that, where you didnt pay any taxes or extra fees by selling at the market! Some sort of discounts that not only gets the market running but also gets new players to keep selling at the market and dont disappear in the underworld that contracts are...!

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Re: Incentives for selling at the market!

Post by Guest » 13.07.2012, 13:35

I agree with you. To some extent.
But at the same time, everyone have the ability to say no to those begging for contracts and cover the loss of market fee by adding the same percentage to the total sale price.

Personally, I do this every time. I only have one person to sell contracts to, and to be perfectly honest... I think I've forgotten to sell to him for a whole week now. Unintentionally, of course. :shock:

Maybe it would be a good idea to drop the market fee for a short time to see what happens. On the other hand, I think people have become too comfortable with contracts, so dropping the fee might not have an effect. :roll:

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