captivating new format for the third server

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captivating new format for the third server

Post by Guest » 26.10.2011, 20:01

hi everyone

i want to propose here a new kind of competition, hopefully managed on a separate (third) server of kapilands

The fundamental idea is that the server resets to ground zero every fixed period of time ( i would like to propose every calendar month) and everyone pays a startup fee.

in the end cash prizes will be awarded for the first x participants from the money pool of entrance fees

obviously there will be no stinking contests on this server

( which btw blur all the faireness of economic competition that exists in real world or should exists. bla bla bla)

so everybody start equal , with a predetermined amount of basic resources , and a simplified structure of products (like not 12 fruits, but only the product Fruits).

then economy grows by free choices of every participant and who has the most capital at the end of the month end.
for the definition of ending capital it could be like in the game cash+buildings, or it could be cash, buildings and products at fixed prices.

what do you think?


Post by Guest » 26.10.2011, 21:13

That would become boring after about 2 rounds, and this is why:

Some products are more profitable than others, suggesting a server/competition based on pure profit would mean that every single player would end up producing the exact same things once everyone realizes what the most profitable product is.

Kapilands is a game with no goal, everyone plays the game the way they want with their own "goal" for the game.
Many of these goals that people like to set for themselves are not profitable at all, but they are fun.
(One example is a player trying to be the top seller of pork products in Saudi Arabia. :P)
The type of competition that you're suggesting is pretty much everything that Kapilands is not about.

Just my opinion.


Post by Guest » 26.10.2011, 21:33

I would never consider paying to play each round.

No offence to the guys at Upjers, but I won't even pay for normal kapilands, nothing against them, I just don't do it, I see the extra perks as a form of cheating.

A lot of players on here are young, too young for debit cards and paypal etc ;)

I'm not, but a lot are.


Post by Guest » 26.10.2011, 22:14

to verconmat

in a competitive economic world no product is more profitable than other
the reason is that PEOPLE adjust their strategies so that eventually everything is squared on a reasonable amount of time.

regarding your example , if everyone produce the same ''PROFITABLE'' product as you say, there is a thing in economy called supply and demand, and that is the main reason 'the squaring ' begins. In your case the price of that profitable thing will drop down like a rock to almost nothing.

that's exciting news, and not boring

the main goal of kapilands should be to simulate an economic world- look up the title on this forum , it says 'business simulation kapilands'

what is happening in kapilands and does not happen in real world is that nothing that is build damages in time , but that's for another analysis....

maybe what im proposing is too revolutionary even for kapilands :(


1. if everybody pays a simbolic amount (1$) that's not cheating
2. if 100 players pay to enter 1$ each and in the end prizes will be 90$ total, 10$ for server and stuff, where do you see the cheat
3. i disagree with you that the majority of kapilands players does not have at least 18 years old. this game is not for children, lol.

thank you for your attention , gentlemen

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Post by felixbluindustries » 26.10.2011, 23:20

Sory but how long have you played?

There is a supply and demand statistic in the game itself and it is predetermined on the server pretty much. BUT limited. Have you ever noticed how little food products are produced? Yeah the fact of the matter is the profit margin is far too low! And so while 1 mincemeat may be sold in the whole of the France the price of it will never go above say 30caps! Despite the demand being in the millions. The price to produce mincemeat may be 25 caps giving a 5 cap profit per mincemeat sold (These are all approximate values but theoretically correct).

On the other hand we have the humble wardrobe, the demand for which is again several million, but much less so than that of mincemeat. Now in France several million are sold daily- say 25% of the demand. They sell at huge prices of say 5,000 caps each and cost 2,500 caps each to produce. Leaving a profit of 2,500 caps, ie 50%.

Now as you can see whether the supply is 0% or 25% (Possibly the highest we're gonna get in the game bar jewellry which randomly fluctuates between 20% and 120%!) of the demand it makes no difference as the better products are clearly the winners!!!

Also Kapi isn't a game which is "playable" in a month, all expansions etc take days at the smallest level, by the end of the "contest" people may have just managed to get to the building limit with 20m2 buildings- if they're exceptionally good that is. Also the game is based in a fashion that those who sell gain the most profit and the profit is slowly split in the "factions" of people beneath them eg product roducers, raw material producers etc, but unless you self sell EVERY person requires a chain and if you're competing against each other you can't offer business like deals etc to one another. It'd be very poor all in all.

Oh and to back up UnityGasExchange I know many young players below the age of 18 who play this game, I infact started this game at 14 and I am now 17, so I am still below the age of 18, but still play- also getting 100 people to pay $1 for a competition round won't work out well... because you'll struggle to get more than 20 people to pay a dollar each.
The first round will be the most boring roung ever, where there's 4 people producing power and the rest making the same product in unison and the guy who builds the shops at the end of the chain says "sell to me at this price or no-one else will buy your goods and you're screwed" and so they'll sell at a stupid low price allowing for a huge profit winning the first round.
The second round will have less players yet- 10 maybe where 3 produce power and there's 2 people with shops trying to out-compete each other so one of the producers wins somehow.
The third round will consist of 5 players of which 2 produce power and 1 has a shop, the other 2 produce the same thing, say gas for simplicity and are trying to outcompete each other for the one salesman so the one with shops wins.
The fourth round will consist of 2 players, one producing power, the other running a whole chain of stuff all on their own to try and be self sustainable- the power producer will win.
The fifth round will contain 1 player. They will produce power. They will still somehow win.
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that's it

Post by Guest » 27.10.2011, 02:51

i played the game some 2 years ago and now i returned

dont think i dont know this game, or i didnt click the stats button until now

what im dissapointed tho (not surprised at all) , is that people have a tendency to reject THE NEW . This repeats like a clockwork through the history of humanity

This concept is ingrained in human behaviour. I saw this on other forums over the internet, unrelated to games whatsoever. This could be the effect of self protection instinct , but hey , this is a free game what do everybody need to protect? their free time maybe but again they spend the time at kapilands realm 1 and 2 .

what im trying to say is : what could happen ? do the computers explode in your face if you try my proposal?
economy works everywhere is a scarcity of resources and human needs
exists, and if this is a model of economic society IT PAYS TO BE TRIED OUT.

if there are any economists or students in economy here, they will see clearer what i'm talking about

what do you have to lose?

i didnt figure out how the supply and demand numbers are determined in the realm1 resp realm2, but still this is a game who won trophies once as i is indeed a great game, and i came with a proposal to try something new without changing the mechanisms of the game.

but it seems is no good

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