Ideas how the game could be improved and suggestions for subsequent versions of the game. (this is just a space for ideas! We can't guarantee suggestions will be implemented!)

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Post by Guest » 23.08.2011, 12:02

I think it would be cool if individual companies could purchase stocks in other companies. For example: Company A's business is doing very well and other companies are beginning to notice. Company A decides to become a publicly traded company and begins selling stock certificates. Company B notices that company A is now selling stocks and, due to the fact that company A's business is booming, company B decides to purchase stock in company A. Company A sells a certain number of stocks to company B, therefore earning company A some sort of profit, and company B now owns a small portion of company A. This would be considered an investment which would not only allow company A to profit from selling stocks, but also allow company B (or any other stock owner) to collect dividends when company A's business is doing exceptionally well. This is just a rough example. Bottom line is this: implement some sort of secondary means of earning money, eg. KapiStocks. This would allow us to take part in what would essentially become a mini game within Kapilands and would also broaden social interaction within the game. Just a thought :)


Post by Guest » 24.08.2011, 17:56

I like this idea...

I have played another online business game similar to Kapiland and they did have a system where each player could sell stock of to other players...

this is how it worked... each company was allowed to sell only 50 shares... (We could make it 1000 of coarse)the money when selling the share is given to the owner(player) of that company (company A example) to use as cash.. every time company A sells buildings or products 10% of the cash is paid into a dividend account. Once a week(Saturday) the dividend account is divided into the number of sold shares and paid out to the companies (company B,C,D,E and so on) thats owns the share.

to make the game flow better and more fair each company was only allowed to own a certain amount of another companies shares.

company B was also able to sell the share to any other company willing to pay for it. in this way you could also make a huge profit on good profitable company shares.

as I said.. I like the idea... :mrgreen:


Post by Guest » 24.08.2011, 20:51

And that would round-up the whole Kapilands economics picture.. great idea...

It just needs some work on it and to make it dynamic instead of static...


Post by Guest » 24.08.2011, 21:12

I'm glad you guys like it :) I think something like this would be nice as it would improve upon the social and economic side of the game.


Post by Guest » 25.08.2011, 08:03

Yes, it is a good idea, but it wil be never implimented in this game.

Another idea is that stocks that you can buy, brings dividents.

For example there is "Kapi Market Inc." I buy 1% of it's stocks, and I gain 1% of all money that are spend as a market fee.
The same for Building Inc., Material Inc. and others.
For investing in Kapi Times Inc., I can gain XXc for each time it is watched...

And this idea will be not implimented too, I'm sure it apeared many times before.


Post by Guest » 30.08.2011, 22:50

I think this is a good idea but it would require a level 2 board with bid prices and ask prices. Kapi obviously won't do that, even with goods like stones and water and power that only have one possible quality level.

Plus... the owner of the company could lose it when his share percentage goes under 50%. Corporate takeover! TONS OF FUN but kapi is too elementary school level to develop a game that works like that. It isn't realistic when the game is built with infinite amounts of raw materials and NPC goods. If you fix programming issues that way, you can never recreate a real market.

When I do find a game that lets you build like Kapi and then have public offerings and corporate bonds... I will probably lose interest in Kapi and play it instead. I predict somebody must be developing it and in 5 years we will see it and it will be all the rage for multiplayer business simulations. This game isn't really even high school level, but it seems to hold the niche in the multiplayer game market for now.



Post by Guest » 17.09.2011, 07:17

and if company B bought all shares it now has control of the companys assets


Post by Guest » 02.10.2011, 11:39

I support this idea.

You should only be able to sell 49% of your stocks though or you could lose your company.


Post by Guest » 03.10.2011, 08:50

well, if this idea was implemented that you could lose your company, you'd have to make it so fixed assets would be in the negative(red) if you restart your company from scratch, and you'd have to play it through to make back your lost fixxed assets.

As the game stands now, not a large enough player base to worry about this.

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