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New products

Post by Guest » 26.07.2011, 20:54

Has the Kapi-team been thinking about expading the variety of Kapilands products?

As I see it, there are new markets that can be opened and thus putting things overall in motion (by that I mean forum activity and Trade syndicates activity).

At this moment it seems that everyone has a steady supplier of materials and that there is no more need for larger activites. Putting a new material, production facility, end product and at the end, a store that sells the end product, will make people move around.

For startes, ceramics... plates, saucers, bathroom and kitchen ceramics and everything else. We have glass - end product -> wine glasses, water glasses, baking dishes, windows, glass jugs...

This is something that will bring a sort of positive revolution (small, but firm) in Kapilands...

Any other suggestions?


Post by Guest » 27.07.2011, 07:40

this is a very good idea.... and it shouldn't be to hard to program into the game..

I agree also that it will get more activity to the game..:)


Post by Guest » 29.08.2011, 20:12

well the range that the products can grow is endless

look at electronic products cell phones, dvd players, mp3 players, tablets etc


Post by Guest » 29.08.2011, 21:14

I think it's been confirmed several times now that new products won't be added to the game, however this thread reminded me of one of worldwidepants previous threads from some time ago, just incase you haven't seen it. :)

Just for fun..


Post by Guest » 30.08.2011, 01:04

Would be nice if we can sell Twinkies :)


to add on

Post by Guest » 15.09.2011, 03:37

what about air planes and rockets boats


Post by Guest » 15.09.2011, 05:54

...or a Formula 1 track, lets say, Spa of Belgium, like a status building... :D

Okay, I admit, it is a bit extreme suggestion...

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