Accounts an d buildings

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Accounts an d buildings

Post by Guest » 20.07.2011, 23:49

I wish their was a way to have accounts with 200 buildings instead of 100.
Instead of VIP call it something else. 150 would be awesome.

Just allow everyone to have research buildings not count towards their building totals.
Research building everyone got to have them except power and water producers so why have them count towards our building totals. You could limit the research building to the first X amount not counting or something after X amount they count. I know research is important and all just don't think they should count towards building count. Still have them expand and everything they do now.



Post by Guest » 21.07.2011, 02:00

Sell your research buildings then. Can't see much of a reason to have anymore than a max of 5 RC's. I have 3 maxed RC's and that's really all I need. 3-5 Buildings taking up your 100 building slots won't be enough motivation to change the way buildings are counted. Obviously more buildings would be nice, but I can't see a major change like that happening in kapilands.


Post by Guest » 21.07.2011, 18:41

I also like the idea of more building slots... even if it does mean double premium to get them...:)


Post by Guest » 21.07.2011, 19:16

what is the sense of more building slots?
More building - more products - more profit! YES!
What would you do with more money?
It's just a game!


Post by Guest » 21.07.2011, 22:18

Well I have 20 research facilities so I can research everything to make cabriolets. That 20% dedicated just for research.

I like the idea of charging more for the extra buildings to get 50 or 100 more. I definitely pay more for the extra slots. I think 150 total would be better then 200.

I still think research building shouldn't count towards total building counts. I mean research for the next 30 years just to get to max 255. If the 20 buildings didn't count for my research I could get 5 more mines 5 more factories 1 more textile factory 1 more e factory 3 more car factories and 5 more car dealers. Sad thing I won't get those till I am done researching lol.

At 150 buildings I think a lot of industries would be more profitable. Especially the food industry for groceries. Could have more grocery stores and buildings to produce things but still would need more research so you could have more products.


Post by Guest » 22.07.2011, 04:56

allowing players to buy more buildings will also get many f the older players more active again in the game... more challenges = more fun..:)

research is painful to do and I agree with you that it should not count to building slots but rather be like a special building...

question remains will Kapilands even considder it..... :shock:


I agree with every word psychozen said

Post by Guest » 30.08.2011, 22:42

I think he is right. I'll sell my research facilities after I get every tech maxed for making cars from scratch.

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