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Post by Guest » 15.05.2011, 11:32


I have another suggestion (three in a day!).

How about having a bank?

We could borrow from it if we have money, or deposit when we have too much.

If you borrow, you'll have to pay interest. If you deposit, you receive interest.

That would allow new players to boost their economy, as well as grant the more advanced player a plus from the bank interest.


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Post by felixbluindustries » 22.05.2011, 00:36

We used to have a bank, but you couldn't invest money otherwise it'd be far to simple for a player to go afk for a long time and just bank their monye and come back being very rich and bored. I've done that on games before, I sold a rare item I got, banked the cash and left the game, remembered it 2 years later logged back in and found out my money was something like 2.914101x10^-10 which is just outrageous!

And the bank was removed because when it loaned money to people it let you only borrow 10% of your company's fixed asset value, which isn't much for most people. But then if you didn't pay back in time the system removed all your buildings. Not 10% of them, not the value of the loan. All of them.

These buildings could not be given back by admins, and a very well known famous player on realm 2 lost his fixed assets of 3bil I believe at the time (At the time he was quite high up for fixed assets in the top 20, was he first? Can't remember), because his wife went to hospital to give birth and he stayed with her overnight and the loan "expired". He quit and said he'd return when realm 3 came out.... so yeah he hasn't been back since :P

The admins removed it after this rather than changing or fixing it. All a bit silly really, but yeah afraid that's why it won't happen!
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Post by Guest » 15.09.2011, 03:34

why not loans take money slowly from you and you can quickly pay the entire loan or wait for loan duration end if not paid re issued 2% higher intrest[/i]


Post by Guest » 15.09.2011, 07:12

reading this tells me that its not the bank that was a bad idea but the way the bank was used.. or rather the settings in the bank...

interest could be limited as per rank just like production to prevent compound interest from making trillionaire all the time.. you can also limit the amount allowed in a bank investment. A bank is a very good idea if it is done properly. the same goes for a stock exchange...



Post by Guest » 03.10.2011, 08:45

have it so if you don't pay it back, it starts eating away at your Fixxed Assets O.o

And while you have a loan out, you cannot sell buildings(since that makes up your fixed assets mostly)

And you have the option to pay it back before a required payment is due(lets say by 5 pm the next business day, Server time, and as a bonus you avoid interest fee's on future payments.

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