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Group of Players

Post by Guest » 15.05.2011, 11:26


I have a suggestion. I do not know if it has already been mentioned... But here it is.

I noticed that there are no possibility of 'grouping' players in a team, such as in a guild, alliance, brotherhood, or tribe.

We could add this so that players can help each other, such as by giving valuable information.

What do you think?

Also, perhaps players in a team could be able to donate cash to other teem members if they need it. That would bring another aspect in the game.


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Post by felixbluindustries » 22.05.2011, 01:10

Donating issue bought up in the other thread, I'll leave you to read that!

And you can make unofficial ones eg on the forums, but what good would it be, we all aim to help each other out here on the forums, not much you can change in game. Has been suggested before, I liked it, I suggested it with improvements once I believe, but alas it seems like it won't happen!
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