Ice Factory R1 Quality Control Issue

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Ice Factory R1 Quality Control Issue

Post by Guest » 20.08.2009, 15:35

Realm one.
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I have my Ice Factory quality level set to one so I can produce strawberry ice cream q1.

I have Milk q5, strawberries q1, and strawberry ice cream q1.

Factory is producing q2 ice cream, not q1. Why?

I was hoping to sell products for the current contest on r1.

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Post by GoldenEye » 20.08.2009, 15:42

You have to calculate the quality like the following:

end-Q of strawberry ice cream = (Q of milk + Q of strawberries + Q of strawberry ice cream (in your ice factory)) divided by three

In your case it is like this:
end-Q = (5 + 1 + 1) divided by three = 7/3 = 2 (rounded down)

Your milk-quality is t0o high (Q1 or Q2 would be enough) - or your strawberries-quality and the set quality in your ice factory are too high (Q0 would be all right). :)
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