[HELP] my buildings :(

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[HELP] my buildings :(

Post by Guest » 16.06.2009, 09:31

i have a problem i think (maybe bug).today i count my buildings.there was 99 but when i look at the left there was seen 100.how it could be?
anyone can help me?
i have 30 gas stations 25 factory 15 well 25 food factory 4 rc and some special buildings.i sold lots of building and bought lots of building today.maybe it resulted this bug or what is it...
my company name is Kalayci and i am playing in realm2

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Post by GoldenEye » 16.06.2009, 22:13

This may happen due to too fast sales. You may have double-clicked before the system worked up your request.
I will re-calculate your building-amount right now.

And please always add your User-ID in future. :)

[EDIT: I guess it should be okay now. :) ]
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Post by Guest » 16.06.2009, 22:53

thank you:) the problem is solved. i will ad my user id other times.

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