Advertising increases store selling time?

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Advertising increases store selling time?

Post by Guest » 08.05.2009, 15:05

When I add more advertising to a store that is already selling something, the amount of time until it finishes goes up.

I noticed it a couple of times but wasn't sure, so I paid attention today, and before I put in the new adverts, my grocery had just over 11 hours until it was finished. I put in 50 points of advertising, and checked again, and there were 13 hours to go.

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Post by felixbluindustries » 08.05.2009, 19:12

This isnt a bug-when you set a store to sell somethign it tells you the time and that time doesn't edit no matter what- so if the supply was to shoot over the demand say 200% more then your selling time would still be the same as when you set it and supply was at 50% of demand.

So if you want immediate effect click the on sale thingy and execute twice to clear the racks and then change the ad points then start selling again.
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