Disappearance of W2

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Disappearance of W2

Post by Guest » 19.04.2009, 23:21

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Hey all
Im having a problem logging in. I attempt to log and the office page that usually loads simply wont leaving me with a 'done' white page that I cant get around. I jumped onto the forums expecting server downtime or such but I what I found was that all the morgil banners relating to W2 failed to display or registed as 0 everything. I tried to log in on W1 which worked fine but even if I put in a wrong name into W2 instead of poping up the failed log in it showed me the white page again! This leads me to think that its either just world 2 or with normal forum traffic continuing isolated to me alone. So has anyone else noticed anything and Is my own banner sill working for you?

I cant find any further info on the forums but if anyone knows of a related post please tell me.
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Post by Guest » 19.04.2009, 23:27

I can't log on to Realm 2, either.

For me, it gets to "Connecting to www.w2.kapilands.com", then times out.


Post by Guest » 19.04.2009, 23:52

Little R also get a time out error while connecting to R2


Post by Guest » 19.04.2009, 23:53

The same for me.
Okay, I guess it's a common issue, let's wait for programmers


Post by Guest » 20.04.2009, 00:35

fixed now:)

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Post by felixbluindustries » 20.04.2009, 12:47

Sometimes the servers do spack out :P Don't worry it isn't any of your faults- I'm sure the developers will get onto it soon :)
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Post by pearlbay » 20.04.2009, 14:19

That was indeed a server problem, caused by our provider. Several of our servers failed during the night, some German, some English ones. The problem has been fixed, and we are hoping that this won't happen again. Please excuse the inconvenience caused!


In case of urgent problems or questions, please use our support form!

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