(Fixed) Kindergarten

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(Fixed) Kindergarten

Post by Guest » 08.03.2009, 17:40

For 1 points deliver 500 Milk, Cocoa powder, Candy and Candy bars
I have that items but i can not execute
"You don't have enough goods in your warehouse."

Could you help me ?

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Post by Guest » 08.03.2009, 18:34

are there the same q?? each product should be of the same q..

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Post by felixbluindustries » 08.03.2009, 20:36

As in 500 Milk Q1, 500 Cocoa powder Q3, 500 Candy Q0 and 500 candy bars Q0.

Check that the employee is hired, check you have the right products eg cocoa powder instead of coffee powder. Uhhhh otherwise unless you are an uber fail and managed to do something completely abnormal it's a bug.
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Post by Guest » 08.03.2009, 21:03

I have got

500 Coffee powder Q0
500 Candy bars Q0
500 Candy bars Q1
561 Candy Q0
500 Candy Q1
500 Milk Q0
500 Milk Q1
500 Coffee powder Q0

change Area:
40 m


Post by Guest » 08.03.2009, 21:50

damn! it is cacao powder not Coffee powder :))

sorry :)

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