Wine Cellar Bug *no bug, closed*

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Wine Cellar Bug *no bug, closed*

Post by Guest » 23.02.2009, 00:14


Message from System, 23.02.09 00:24

I've got an extremely rare wine on offer. But you'd need a wine cellar for it. Would you like to build one?

Decline quest

I only got decline quest choose :shock: ?!
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Post by Guest » 23.02.2009, 02:50

If you have not already got one then you should build a wine cellar.then after about 5 to 7 days you should get a new message to accept the might be an idea to find out what items you need for this quest in advance as you only have a certain time to send each item.

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Post by GoldenEye » 23.02.2009, 14:36

So this is not a bug and I will close this thread in order to avoid multiple work for the programmers. :)
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