case sensitive company search

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case sensitive company search

Post by Guest » 19.01.2009, 19:00

If you try to search for a company ( Stats -> Search company), the search is definitely case-insensitive, but the company name may be different.

Detailed explanation:
A company "Enterprises" (id:297706) has bought some stones from me on the market. I wanted send a message to this company, and tried to search for it, but I have got company "enterprises", and it seems to be dead (last login on 20.12.07)
How can I find the required company "Enterprises"?

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Post by felixbluindustries » 19.01.2009, 19:22

hmmm yes odd, it is possible that he changed his company name after buying the product but i otherwise cannot see a different way :S thats odd
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Post by GoldenEye » 19.01.2009, 22:37

How to find a company via the User-ID?

1) Click on "market".
2) Choose a random company.
3) Click on the random company name.
4) Check the URL-line in your browser.
5) Delete the numbers after "suchennr=".
6) Fill in the User-ID of the company you are looking for after "suchennr=".
7) Click the "return-button" and VOIL
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