Sugar stats unaffected

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Sugar stats unaffected

Post by Guest » 15.11.2008, 02:16

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I sell around 1400 sugar per day for 50-70c in my stores. The stores are in Germany. I have been doing this for more than two days now. The sugar Amount shown on the stats page of Germany the next day stays at 1300 and the price stays at 17.14c.

I have been trying to raise that price up in vein for more than two days now.

Shouldn't my quantity be added to the Amount and shouldn't my price affect the average price??!!


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Post by pearlbay » 17.11.2008, 14:45

Hi Beavis,

looks like it has changed after all. I have just looked up the stats, the average prize is now:

Article Amount Price Quality
Sugar 1.107 15,26
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Post by Guest » 18.11.2008, 19:34

Lol.. That was after I stopped selling.. and It was supposed to get higher! I was selling at 70c! Anyway I think my amount was not large enough to move the average price although I sold the whole amount in the market.. I don't know how you guys calculate this average!

But thanks anyways.

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