Insant Messaging InCharacter Of Kapilands?

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Insant Messaging InCharacter Of Kapilands?

Post by Guest » 29.12.2008, 15:44

Hey. I was thinking, Would instant messaging each other in character of kapilands work?

For example...
Board meetings,

An idea for the future?
An Idea for the bin?

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Post by felixbluindustries » 30.12.2008, 18:09

How about an idea for the suggestions forum... look up- way up
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Post by Guest » 16.02.2009, 21:22

You should check out my blog called The Kapilands Journal. I have created a chat room called KapiChat that is open to all fellow Kapilands players. There you could talk with fellow Kapilands players about whatever you want, you could even private chat with a fellow player in order to work out a business deal such as contract details. Just a thought.

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