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Post by Guest » 03.07.2012, 06:54

Join Today to Make a Difference!

Hey Peoples, This is the Brand New Only Active Syndicate for Kapilands,

Kapi-Cafe is a Syndicate to do with a mixed variation of all the Products Available.

Kapi-Cafe's Aims Are simple, To keep controll of the prices on the market & even through contracts, With everybodys help we could keep them at a stable level & profitable level for everybody.

Kapi-Cafe has the potential To bring kapilands players together to unite & make a stronger force to keep there aims simple.
In Kapi-Cafe we will become a huge group profiting from each others Experience, Understanding of the game & Products they Produce.

Kapi-Cafe takes up just a short amount of time for a huge amount of profit within the Game, Just afew Miniutes every time you pop online for Kapilands just to check your Posts can leave you with huge Amounts of profit, If you Decide to Join The Kapi-Cafe Union You will not regret it.

Kapi-Cafe takes a harsh punishments on things that are not allowed, Anything that breaks the rules will be dealt with severly, Quickly & With a Almost Definete result of Banning!

Kapi-Cafe has admins, If you are chosen to be an admin do not be frightened that you have to spend more time doing Your Forum Jobs. I Catering / Everything Industries will take care of most of the admin work.

Thanks for your Time.

What we Can do! ;

Say if you have Cattle & you need to get rid of it, ( Remember this person buys Beef )

You sell the cattle to the beef producer they make beef & sell it back to you, We all win,
This way we can all Make Profit Together.

They can also keep Prices for all Products at a stable level for both the buyer & Producer.

These are only few of the unlimited things we can do, Join today to make a difference!

How To Join?

1) Send a Message to Everything Industries [ R1 ], Catering Industries [ R2 ] or Go to the link for the website.

2) Sign up & Complete the following Questions to do so.

3) Start Producing Posts & inlist your name in the Syndicates!

4) To finish off, HAVE FUN!
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Re: Kapi - Cafe / Syndicate of Kapilands / ACTIVE!

Post by Guest » 05.11.2012, 03:28

This is dead...


Re: Kapi - Cafe / Syndicate of Kapilands / ACTIVE!

Post by Guest » 07.12.2012, 15:00

Your quite right there,

I Forgot pass to the website Also my proper forum account,

I am lucky i still have the kapilands account,


Re: Kapi - Cafe / Syndicate of Kapilands / ACTIVE!

Post by Guest » 18.12.2012, 19:52

We are active again!!!!!!!!


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