Real estate & Building Constructors Corp.

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Real estate & Building Constructors Corp.

Post by Guest » 10.10.2011, 11:34

Welcome to the Real estate & Building Constructors group! We build and source whatever buildings you need!! Go to ... 149#160149 to see what we offer.

BUT, why join us? Well there is an never ending need for buildings and people often dont have the time to expand them to the size needed. thats where we come in, they place an order and then we build and expand it. As well as fully staff each building! We have a great system for people to put down deposits and there is alot of money to be made here!!

There are lots of different ways you can help out! You can be a:

Building Partner - Here the chairman will send you orders which are needed, and if you can, you build them. You then sell them to the chairmen who then forwards the contract onto the customer.

Supplier - Here you will need to provide either or all of the materials needed for expanding buildings at rates cheaper then the market (you have alot of orders! :) )

Building finder - Your job will be to try and source buildings if we cant build them for some strange reason. You will need to have good contacts and now people who usually are willing to sell their buildings.

Please note that if you are a building partner you will NOT lose money, we calculate the exact price of how much every building costs and ensure you make a nice profit :D

Contact Bezzo Inc in game if you are interested![/b][/url]

For those of you who dont think this makes money, this group on average so far makes at least a profit of 1.5Billion caps (yes that is profit!, our turnover is higher than that!) every Day! And we have only just started!! Imagine what that would be like if you join us and how much richer you would be!!
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Post by felixbluindustries » 10.10.2011, 16:08

If you need a stone supplier just message me, I have enough stones in my warehouse to fully expand nearly 500 buildings- ie 2billion stones.
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Post by Guest » 10.10.2011, 16:29

ok, great! Will send you message in game :)


Post by Guest » 10.10.2011, 21:10

Just for those who dont think this makes money! This group has made 2Billion profit in the last 10 hours!!!! Now you can earn a percentage of that and help make that amount increase by joining or using us!!


Post by Guest » 13.10.2011, 10:50

I'm in. :)


Post by Guest » 19.10.2011, 04:06

I really like the idea and I wish I could help but everything I have is already maxed.... 99 factories and 1 RC center.... if you guys can think of a way for me to help then I will. I wish there was an investor option lol


Re: Real estate & Building Constructors Corp.

Post by Guest » 22.05.2012, 04:19

I can join and build buildings for this union, if you guys need the extra hand. I have a bunch of joinery's right now and am willing to sell them. The economy of this game needs some serious stimulation to it and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to impact a little bit and contribute to the game a little bit more. Contact me if you guys want more info.

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