Jeweler union

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Jeweler union

Post by Guest » 10.03.2011, 14:27

Do we have a union for jeweler?
If no,I would like to build one.

I want to combine all the jewler,
and we can contol the period of the Diamond Ring's price.
Make the largest benefit.

I can product 73,212 diamond rings perday.
Do anybody want to cooperate with me?

Thank you for your attention.


Post by Guest » 24.04.2011, 02:55

Weeeee. I Want to join! But i am selling fake jeweleries! ^^". all low quality.


Post by Guest » 18.06.2011, 02:17



Post by Guest » 18.06.2011, 09:32

Feel free to join TIB2 Union....

we have guys in all market sectors and each sector has its own specialist... even in the jewelry sector..

Allot of information available to members of the TIB Union... were still the oldest union around..:)

feel free to join... and if you need more info or have questions about TIB2 then please contact me in game or here...

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