Power Prices?CLOSED

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Power Prices?CLOSED

Post by Guest » 31.08.2009, 20:24

Just a question how did the power prices jump so quickly one minute they were between 0.1 and 0.12 and next the lowest 0.19. It has gone down a bit since but it was too sudden for natural inflation and no syndicates has yet to claim responsibility.

1.You would have needed to overload the market with billions of power at a high price,
2.Buy out all the cheaper power, which requires billions of caps
3.Then manage to convince all the other major players not to undercut you and maintain the price for a couple of hours

I think all of that would require more effort, money and power than any 1 producer SO WHO DID IT
We all have a right to know because power is the most important material that affects the price of EVERY product and inflates the price of every item on kapilands and resulting in even more money and power to the power producers
please reply and help figure out WHO did this
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Post by Guest » 31.08.2009, 20:38

Blame it on the administration and the contest product selection... :D

Well, I guess its due to the contest and the need of power and water to produce Silver q4. No singel player is to blame I think.


Post by Guest » 31.08.2009, 20:52

i did it :D
and it worked xD


Post by Guest » 01.09.2009, 00:47

:D This is what happens when people start producing millions of items that require 750 power a peice.
I my self am making 8.5m silver this contest, thats 6.6b power alone.

Now look at azer, 100 mines looking to pump out 15-20 times as much as me.

Now look at the vast amount of people that snatched every bit of power they could find as it kept rising, if your looking at power going up at 0.02c an hour you grab as much as you can simply because for the next 280h you have little chance of getting any at a sane price.

Now look at the amount of people who dont need the power but were smart enough to grab some to sell off later, with profits of 0.08c!

Now look at the max amounts on the power suppliers post, couple a dozen billion daily? Thats already used, this will be big! and expect some serious shock waves through the whole kapi for the contest. Im sitting on my 10b surpluss and looking forward to seeing just how the econemy will react. Stones will go bezerk, water/power through the roof, jewerly will be imposiable (costs will outweigh normal selling prices), ANY type of mine product will quadruple if you can get any at all, oil will double due to others switching to water. Gas^, Plastic^, Wardrobes^ (power/water costs just hit 150%). When you mess with the two most basic industires on such a scale expect crazyness!


Post by Guest » 02.09.2009, 19:35

thanks and i am now glad i bought a 2500sqm power plant at 120 million


Post by Guest » 02.09.2009, 20:22

I think Horizon did a good job explaining things.

Before the contest started I used over 100M power every 24 hours producing stone. Now, I use over 5 BILLION power every 24 hours to produce silver for the contest. Talk about an increase in demand. :lol: