Cars and Cabriolets Union (Calling all producers!)

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I dunno, he hasn't told me but I'll ask him!!!



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Production is pumping along and research keeps going up.

I produce large amounts of Plastic and small amounts of glass. (Q13-19)

I also have car factories going, but they're still small while I learn things.

Company name is Highland. I'll see about getting my profile to be more informative.


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I would like to share my experiences with you concerning the car business since I have tried it already twice.

It is difficult to get in the car business when your company is still small, especially if you want to make cars it is a very expensive business, I tried it twice when I was smaller, but I had to give up, it took too much cash, I was always out of power and steel, and it took ages to sell even one car in my small dealership or even on the market.
But it is not impossible when you are small, just don't make the cars yet, but concentrate on the simple carparts first, like tires, textiles, engines, rubber etc.
You research them to the highest quality possible and sell it to bigger companies who make and sell cars.

Bigger companies like to sell cars of a high quality in their dealership because it takes less time to sell when the quality is higher, so research is very important.

You also would want to buy your own dealership and start expanding it until at least 3000 or 4000 m2, a smaller shop just takes too long to sell your cars in.
While your dealership is expanding you keep selling your carparts to the bigger carcompanies.

When you produce a car you will see how difficult it is to get a good quality car, because you have to divide all qualities together by 10, and then there is not much left of all your research!!
So it is a matter of patience and just keep that research going, and what also is very important:
When you want to know how much it costs you to make a car, calculate with marketprices, not with your warehouseprices.
the real value of the car, is the value (marketprice) of all the carparts involved, and then some.

For instance, it takes a lot of power to produce one car:
8900 Kwh power total.
(and then I haven't even calculated the power needed for the plastic, rubber and textiles).

This power can be easily sold on the market for 0,11 caps, that would make 1078 caps total.

Try and do this with all the carparts, like the textiles: I saw on the forum it can be sold for 300 each: for 15 textiles that would make you 4500 caps!
So the power and the textiles alone are worth 5578 caps.

Think about this when you calculate your production/sales prices for carparts/cars!

One car takes 903 Steel, 6 E-Components, 10 glass, 120 plastic, roughly 9000 power, 15 textiles, 10 rubber, 1 oil.
That is: 121905 + 870 + 200 + 2900 + 990 + 4500 + 80 +50 = 131495 caps marketvalue of car elements!!

(I have only taken the cheapest marketprices that are available at the moment)

And ofcourse you will have to add the productioncost of your carfactory which is 1640 per car. you think it is worth it to produce a car or is it more profitable to just sell the car elements??

The answer lies in the quality cars that you produce, the higher quality you can produce the higher price you can ask your customers.

When you wonder what elements to research, don't research the steel, you don't want to produce yor own steel since it is not profitable at all to do so, your quality comes from the rubber and the oil and other cheaper components.
You always buy your steel Q 0 from the market or where ever you can get it cheap(er).
If you have the oppurtunity to buy good Q steel, take it, but keep calculating if it is worth it!

I hope you guys don't mind me writing all of this down, I don't want to sound like a teacher or something :roll: just want to help you get a better insight of the pros and cons of the car business, since I have already been there (twice) and I know how hard this business can be. :shock:

Regards, Sally. :wink:
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i don't make cars but i was thinking of being in the business. So your help might be veery usefull. It is nice to see people helping and sharing their infos..
Thank you Shally.


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Well it's nice to see that people are being quite confident. By the way you don't sound like a teacher sally. :wink: :wink:
So thessalonikia, do you want to join the alliance? If you do just tell me.
(If you haven't read the first post) The aim of this alliance is to grow the car and cabriolet industry and all the parts involved and get it more popular.
We already have a lot of big producers in this alliance, but we are aiming to get more.
:D :D


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I have produced cabriolets for 108,000 caps recently so it is a good business....
It does make good profit.


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Here is what car type goods I have in my warehouse:
12 Car bodies 0 14,166.66


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Come on lets get some more members!


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I suppose those prices behind your cars and cabriolets are the prices you bought them for?


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sally wrote:I suppose those prices behind your cars and cabriolets are the prices you bought them for?
Yes, the prices that I bought for but some I produced.
Oh, and I've found a company called World Wide Pants that produces cars and cabriolets on a big scale so hopefully he'll be able to join.


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A new website should hopefully be made soon.
:D :D


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About the new website:
The address is
The website is now finished! :D :D
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We are now electing Moderators for the website. There will only be two so you'd better be quick!

:wink: :wink:
Remember, the website is


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No motorbikes? I think bikes are the best vehicle option for small companies, they don't need nearly as much steel to produce as cars, and you can still get your tech up to an adequate level by using good materials off the market. They also sell faster, which helps if your store is small.

Engines and tires are pretty good too, because again of modest steel requirements, and easy to raise tech by using good materials.

Totally agree with sally on the importance of quality and stores.

The sheer amount of steel needed is your #1 problem, as a producer you need to use research and good materials to offset that. The only place where you'd want to use good steel is for tires, because they need a lot less steel for the effect their quality has on the vehicles made with them.

Stores: set your price higher, it takes longer but your profit margin is bigger... don't bother selling tires, go for motorbikes if your small or cars/cabrios if you're big

Tires: use good steel and good rubber... if you grow your own, use only the best seeds!
Engines: use Q0 steel from NPC but get good e-comps and the best oil you can
Motorbikes: Q0 steel, use the best materials you can get, but not bad for passing excess engines + tires
Car bodies: Q0 steel from NPC, lots of research... not good for small companies
Cars/Cabrios: Q0 steel, but research and quality are very important to make any profits at all

If you include bikes in this union, I'm in.

My car dealers total 60000m2, i have a 2000m2 car factory, and i can make any vehicle or part at Q10+ except tires (I sold the tech). I can point to some good suppliers for key materials too.

Realm 2: MetaCorp


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great! I was looking for you!
Well not personally but i want to ask a couple of things to someone with a big dealership and I could not find one until you came along.
I will send you an igm. :D
I am sure sergiurocks506 would not mind taking in motorbikeproducers and sellers in his union, it is after all the same business more or less...

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