The Cashagany Alliance in Realm 2 (This alliance is closed)

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The Cashagany Alliance in Realm 2 (This alliance is closed)

Post by Guest » 06.02.2009, 18:27

This alliance is closed.
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Post by felixbluindustries » 06.02.2009, 20:15

What does the alliance aim to do?

It's fimnne to have one but if you have an aim then it can help signifigantly in your cause.
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Post by Guest » 08.02.2009, 14:20

Well it mainly focuses on Contests and Fair Trading etc.


Post by Guest » 12.02.2009, 19:31

Hello, I will be away from the 13th February to the 23rd or 24th
February. I will be completely unavailable during this time but I will back to normal once I get back.

Thank you.
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Post by Guest » 23.02.2009, 17:15

Hi, I am now officially back. Everything is now back to normal and you can now start ordering again.

Thank you.
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