Over Moderator controlled market

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Over Moderator controlled market

Post by Guest » 12.10.2008, 22:17

In real life, as you obviously know about inflation rates and the rest of the ball [censored], anyway. Ever wondered why this will never happen in kapilands?
The NPC selling system. It stops us sellers keeping our products in high demand due to the always there cheaper option. I for one do not like this system and find it intervenes to much, but others may disagree.
Speak now or forever hold your peice. :)


Post by Guest » 12.10.2008, 23:23

Steel should be raised, everything else is good.


Post by Guest » 13.10.2008, 12:16

Yeah. There is no point in making steel. Even quality steel is not a very good product. Just buy NPC.


Post by Guest » 14.03.2009, 16:52

I agree...

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Re: Over Moderator controlled market

Post by felixbluindustries » 14.03.2009, 20:45

Mr Thorpe wrote: Speak now or forever hold your peice. :)
its peace...

but yeah move the steel, i used to make it and thinkyay profit :D but really it was yay :D 7caps products for an item that takes me ages to make :D

But everything else is fine :S
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