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Post by Guest » 17.07.2010, 14:29

http://tibr2.freeforums.org/index.php?s ... 0dfa00ee5a

If this works right this is the website.


Post by Guest » 17.07.2010, 15:34

ok. I will try again.


Post by Guest » 27.07.2010, 01:49

Join TiB, i mean, after all, what do you have to lose?


Post by Guest » 06.03.2011, 00:12

What happened to TIB?


Post by Guest » 28.04.2011, 23:46

The same thing that happened to kapilands in general. Inactivity is a killer beast. We are still there just no new blood really to keep it as active as it used to be.


Post by Guest » 27.06.2011, 18:01

we are indeed still there...

I personally found that many of the TIB members are still there and active but because we are use to talking to each other in-game we just talk less on the forum...

Personally I will try to talk more on TIB forum but anyone can still contact me in-game or on forum for more info..:)


Post by Guest » 26.07.2011, 20:10

OK, here is the deal:

ALL TIB MEMBERS, look alive, cmon, lets not leave OUR organisation to go to waste!

All of those guidelines, programs, trade establishments - created for what?? To be left rotting?? I was a TiB - R1 member from 2007 until I saw it get removed... Really, a sad story, because over there you could sense the fellowship and understading and it ran likeclock work. People discussing, sharing ideas, helping each other out, organising contests... Really, a comunity like no other. I used to moderate over there and don


Post by Guest » 28.07.2011, 08:04

I'm a TiB member now!


Post by Guest » 06.08.2011, 00:35

TIB taught me everything I know about the game. I played for nearly a year before joining TIB. I learned more in that first week than the previus entire year. If anyone wants to be in the oil and gas biz and wants some help, TIB is the place to be. Without the people there I never would be where I am today.


Post by Guest » 08.08.2011, 14:38

The largest market in Kapilands is the gas and furniture market. And with the guidence you get at TiB, you can also master those markets. The only thing you need is some good will to read a bit, that is all...



Re: TiB- Fair Trade (Together is better) -Realm2

Post by Guest » 22.05.2012, 04:13

I took a month break from the game and was a moderator for the TIB Forum and then came back and it was gone. We need to rally our troops and get it going again. I learned everything I needed to know about the game and got so much help getting started in the game and I want to pass it on to the newbies in the game, even though there aren't that many starting out now. I will starting offering new offers for new players and offer help getting them started, as long as you guys can help too.

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