Ninjaraku LLC (Producing wood)

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Ninjaraku LLC (Producing wood)

Post by Guest » 26.12.2009, 23:55

I will be selling Wood, Plane and simple, haha Ninja got puns :lol:
The amount of wood will increase every 2 days as i make more buildings.

We are Currently Producing 50,000+ Q*0 wood daily!

Need a company that will accept contracts within 48 hours of delivery.

IGM to Ninjaraku LLC with offer per unit

Business Name: Ninjaraku LLC *Realm 2*

Do NOT reply to this thread, Send in game message Only.

Currently have buyer for 72 each for Q*0. i can produce up to Q*2 wood for 72+ 0.50 per Q*, so Q2 would be 73 caps each.

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