Money for your company

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Money for your company

Post by Guest » 06.12.2009, 20:36

Need money for your business? No problem!
Company Celtne now offer bank services.

Money for coins. Interest rate 10% for 5 days.
How this works:

1. You send me contract with Coins,
2. I accept contract and send you back with 10% price increase,
3. You can accept contract when you want in next 5 days.

So you have money for your business and get back your coins.
I have my 10% interest.

If you need money for longer period, you accept contract from me and send new contract.
I usualy accepting contracts every day, except weekends and holidays.

In case you not accept contract after 5 days, I cancel contract and send you new contract adding 10% price increase again.
You can accept new contract in next 5 days. In case you not accept contract again (after 10 days sum), I will cancel contract and no new contract send.

Minimum contract 10 coins, maximum 200 coins.
Only 1 active contract from company allowed.

Not need to write, just send me contract with coins and right price.

Current accepted price 20.000.000

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Post by GoldenEye » 06.12.2009, 20:46

I am sorry, but this is not allowed.

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