JOTTech Research Facility, France. Contracting.

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JOTTech Research Facility, France. Contracting.

Post by Guest » 05.10.2011, 15:25

Welcome to the JOTTech Research facility in France.

We have research facilities in every area, and are willing to work on a contractual basis to provide quality research to our clients.

We currently research up to Q10, but this will constantly be increasing as we expand our facilities.

Current prices are:

Q1, 150c, 1hr.
Q2, 700c, 2:30hr.
Q3, 2.000c, 5hr.
Q4, 6.000c, 11hr.
Q5, 13.500c, 22hr.
Q6, 25.000c, 37hr.
Q7, 43.000c, 2.5dy.
Q8, 74.000c, 4.5dy
Q9, 110.000c, 6.5dy
Q10, Ask for price and time.

Current pre-researched tech includes:

Iron Ore, Q1, 250c
Glass, Q1, 260c
E-Components, Q1, 250c

Monitors, Q2, 900c
Sugar, Q2, 900c

Seeds, Q3, 3.000c

Wine, Q4, 7.000c
Oil, Q4, 7.500c

CPU, Q5, 15.000c
Gas, Q5, 15.000c
Apples, Q5, 15.000c
Diamonds, Q5, 15.000c

This will be checked and updated daily.

If you are interested, just ask here or in game. :)
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Post by Guest » 07.10.2011, 19:33

Also, there are other available researches, if one you want isn't on the list, just ask. :)

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