[SELL] I will upgrade your research up to Q75

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Post by Guest » 12.07.2009, 04:05

Horizon Holdings wrote:Plastic, I have a Q26 and want a 30..
Gas, Have 25 want 30
This post hasent been bumped for a while so do you even still do this?
Lol didn't notice, although he edited it on the 2nd of last month.


Post by Guest » 12.07.2009, 08:38

Did speak to him recently, he is still expanding and will post when they are ready. (Feel like Clark Kent talking about Superman)


Post by Guest » 12.07.2009, 17:16

Q30 Wool for me please. :)

When you finish expanding. :)


Post by Guest » 03.09.2009, 21:40

Sorry for missing all the posts in this thread, I was not checking it over the summer while my RC's expanded!


Post by Guest » 04.09.2009, 15:46

will IGM you with details of what I need...


Post by Guest » 04.09.2009, 17:12

I have Gold 19 but I want Gold 50 can you do it and how long will it take? :)


Post by Guest » 12.09.2009, 22:43

i have seeds Q26 (


Post by Guest » 29.11.2009, 12:26


I'll take Beef Q50 and Banana Ice Cream Q50. Have lessers to trade but only on completion as i need them for production.

Let me know when they're done :)

Also can I have corn Q50 when the seeds are done as there is no one on the waiting list?



Research Request

Post by Guest » 08.03.2010, 15:55

I'd like to get on the waiting list for Seeds Q50. I would like to sell you my Q20-ish research; I am still 'working on it,' it is currently at Q22. My goal is to sell it to you once I am off the waiting list - so I can continue to reduce my cost while on the waiting list (I am not certain if this is allowed).


Post by Guest » 19.04.2010, 22:09

animal food, corn and lambs in Q50 please


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