[SELL] I will upgrade your research up to Q75

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[SELL] I will upgrade your research up to Q75

Post by Guest » 14.08.2008, 18:09

Get your orders in now by IGM to company name: Smoldering Industrial

I'm selling the following individual researches:
Q96 Wardrobes

Research Upgrade Guidelines:
- To maximize efficiency, you must have a minimum of Q40 research for me to upgrade.
- I can upgrade to a maximum of Q75 research.
- A full upgrade from Q40 to Q75 will take approximately 3 months.
- The prices listed below are what I will buy your research for and then sell it back to you at upon completion of upgrade.

Current RC Usage:

Mine & Well RC1 - Silver - AivaRoss
Mine & Well RC2 - Diamonds - AivaRoss
Mine & Well RC Waiting List:

Cattle & Plant RC1 - OPEN
Cattle & Plant RC2 - Cocoa - SJMSA
Cattle & Plant Waiting List:

Technical RC1 - OPEN
Technical RC2 - OPEN
Technical RC Waiting List:

Chemical RC1 - Leather - SJMSA
Chemical RC2 - Silicon - SJMSA
Chemical RC Waiting List:

Price List:
Quality Price
Q40 300 Million
Q41 329 Million
Q42 358 Million
Q43 390 Million
Q44 423 Million
Q45 459 Million
Q46 498 Million
Q47 539 Million
Q48 582 Million
Q49 628 Million
Q50 677 Million
Q51 729 Million
Q52 784 Million
Q53 842 Million
Q54 904 Million
Q55 969 Million
Q56 1.04 Billion
Q57 1.11 Billion
Q58 1.18 Billion
Q59 1.26 Billion
Q60 1.35 Billion
Q61 1.44 Billion
Q62 1.53 Billion
Q63 1.63 Billion
Q64 1.73 Billion
Q65 1.83 Billion
Q66 1.95 Billion
Q67 2.06 Billion
Q68 2.18 Billion
Q69 2.31 Billion
Q70 2.44 Billion
Q71 2.58 Billion
Q72 2.73 Billion
Q73 2.88 Billion
Q74 3.03 Billion
Q75 3.20 Billion

IGM: Smoldering Industrial
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Leather Q24 please!


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Thanks for the engine Q30 :P

NEW order: wool Q30



Post by Guest » 21.01.2009, 17:36

ill buy ur gas research


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Q12 Tires

this 1 plz


Post by Guest » 30.01.2009, 15:35

Opps sorry, can you change "wool" into "textile" ? thanks :P


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Q22 corn is mine!


Post by Guest » 17.02.2009, 19:28

broc93 wrote:Q22 corn is mine!
Who are you and how did you steal my corn research? :lol:

Seriously though, current high offer is listed on the page for Q22 Corn.


tv and e componets

Post by Guest » 08.07.2009, 18:22

can you research tv and e components for me, let me know what level is available and how much

kind regards



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I'm after Research in Silver, Diamonds and Diamond Rings could you please let me know your prices for

Q10,20 and 30 and the time you will need to research them


Silver Shields.


Post by Guest » 12.07.2009, 03:45

Plastic, I have a Q26 and want a 30..
Gas, Have 25 want 30
This post hasent been bumped for a while so do you even still do this?

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