[BUYING] POWER << 0.26

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[BUYING] POWER << 0.26

Post by Guest » 05.03.2013, 17:50

STATUS [ BUYING @ 0.26 ]

Send contracts
100,000,000 dollar contracts or less anytime
Send me a msg if you want to send more.

Looking to spread the wealth for newbies. I been trying to keep up with my own demand however my power plants are insufficient for my present needs.

Were growing again (slowly) but surely. If your a small supplier send me all you can if your a larger supplier let me know what you can send and we will set up a scheduled but I need reliable suppliers that are consistent.

Presently running 6 plants making silver and one that does diamonds and silver with 5 jewelers and power is pretty much what stalls me from consistent production.

Send me contracts anytime..... Dales Enterprise Realm2
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Re: [BUYING] POWER << 0.26

Post by Guest » 11.06.2013, 19:58

Still buying

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