Only one active thread for each company

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Only one active thread for each company

Post by pearlbay » 25.10.2007, 15:01

Tycoon wrote:Hi @all,
In order to treat any player equitably, we decided to implement the following changes into the trade sub-forums:
Any player has to offer / order his products in just one active thread. Having single threads for each product to be sold or purchased won't be allowed in future. Please follow this change from now on and adapt your ongoing threads by editing them.

Thanks and
Regards to everybody here,


Thread is locked

Post by Guest » 12.12.2007, 16:11

We are only supposed to have a single thread per company, but when I closed my offer, my thread got locked. Should I just start a new one?

[EDIT by GoldenEye: Yes. ;) ]