Holiday Replacement

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Holiday Replacement

Post by Zbombe » 19.01.2007, 22:29

In this thread, you can announce your holiday replacement.

Make sure that there is no trade between the accounts that replace each other!


Post by Guest » 03.02.2007, 19:25

Josef Gmbh (of the german version) is going to lead the company LotrFanClub from sunday to next saturday, I need some holidays.

Since he doesn't play the english version, there's no chance of trading with each other (means cheating) :)
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Post by Guest » 10.02.2007, 11:08

AndyMs Company

will play for

Swasiland Production

from today until thursday


Post by Guest » 19.02.2007, 08:45

can someone play for me for 2 weeks please???


Post by Guest » 20.02.2007, 09:19

Jonny Inc will be playing as Phoenix Oil on

tuesday 20th Feb and Wednesday 21st Feb.



Post by Guest » 20.02.2007, 16:40

Main tycoon will be playing as The business from today untill the 28.02

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Post by Guest » 25.02.2007, 18:57

Dutch NV

-> I am doing two jobs from now on for this week :wink:

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Post by Tycoon » 09.03.2007, 11:27

Main Tycoon will be playing the company "Incognito Incorporated" from Mar 9th to Mar 12th...


Post by Guest » 14.03.2007, 19:40

Jonny Inc

will play for

Swasiland Productions


Sunday, 18th March

he can`t anounce it because for some reason 8) he can`t access the forum :lol:


Post by Guest » 25.03.2007, 20:05

i can play for anybody in need


Post by Guest » 27.03.2007, 17:38

Starting Friday, March 30, 2007:

cash money brothers will be playing for Halee-Burton
Not certain yet on time span, probably two weeks or so.
I am moving, and will not have Internet access for a little while.



Post by Guest » 27.03.2007, 18:58

well, ill do my very best :D


Post by Guest » 03.04.2007, 10:38

my business "Fr34k" will be played by "Mek Industries" for one week till 11.4. i'll enjoy my holidays ;)

greets, Fr34k


Post by Guest » 05.04.2007, 09:14

Jonny Inc plays for Vincent Inc.

From 6.04.07 - 15.04.07


Post by Guest » 08.04.2007, 12:05

samba international will be runing Phoenix Oil for today and tommorow :)


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