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Non programming ideas

Post by Guest » 22.04.2012, 17:12

I cannot believe my previous topic was locked before I had chance to reply to it.
I was trying to create something constructive to discuss rather than the less constructive faxes complaining about the state of the game. If new programming features are not an option surely that is not the end of it? Other things can be done to help the game. This is not users being awkward for the sake of it - this is users trying to keep the game going, which in turn makes Upjers money. And as a business Upjers surely wants to make money, and surely wouldnt knock something already out there that can make them money..... if this isn't the case they sure as hell missed some of the principles of kapilands!
I found the admin reply particularly negative. Maybe it was just the way I read it but it implied the game was in wind down which will deter people from buying coins, and make things even worse.

Possible ideas -
Promotion of the game via other sites.
Varation to the contest structure (without programming changes of course)
Varation to the newspaper - this would rely on users to help in production though
Resetting 1 of the servers and retainting the other one in its more advanced game state - how far down the line many players are can be a deterrent to new players. A fresh start may well ignite more interest and more coin purchasing.

Help us to help you :D
Don't imply the wind down of the game and sever your income streams :cry:


Re: Non programming ideas

Post by Guest » 22.04.2012, 17:48

Dan I totally agree with you. Please don't turn this thread into a rant instead be constructive

I think we need to contribute more to the paper but give what? What can we say?
Resetting a realm would be nice but some people will very upset by that so don't recommend that.
As to promotion a competition to try and get us members to sign up new players with coin rewards might be a possible easy method.
To improve activity a reduction on multi-accounting rules where if you publish it on the forum in a special thread you can have 1 more company on ecah realm. That will stimulate the game by effectively doubling the number of active companies, adding new players and of course we will ban trading between your two companies.

BTW be PROACTIVE and CONSTRUCTIVE not moan whinge like English after a World Cup :lol:

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Re: Non programming ideas

Post by pearlbay » 23.04.2012, 08:23

Hi again,

the thread you opened, dan, was closed, because it had been getting out of hand. I understand that you had entirely different aims with is, which is why I didn't close this thread right away, but wanted to give you feedback first.

Your input and dedication to the game is much appreciated, please don't get us wrong here. And if it was possible, we would of course, keep developing the game. I don't want to go into to our reasons for this any further, because I think I have made myself quite clear in the thread here:

Our management's decision to stop developing Kapilands was not easy. Being one of our first ever games, Kapilands is very dear to our company's heart. But as has been mentioned also from amongst the forum community, and not just myself, as company working in a highly competitive market, we cannot always follow our heart, but need to follow the facts, too. We are going to do our best to keep Kapilands available for you all for as long as possible, and hope you will keep playing and enjoying the game while it is here for you to play.

We have learned much from our early games, and much of the spirit of Kapilands has flown into the development of new games. So Kapilands will always be amongst us, while our company produces games.

We'll be here for you, for this game and its communities as long as this game runs, and we are very grateful for your enthusiasm and your support, will keep posting news, as we do now, on a regular basis via Twitter and Facebook, too. With a great paper, regularly running contests and an enthusiastic editing team as well as reliable community, I think this game still has lots to offer its current and new players, who are of course still registering and will keep enlivening this community.

If you have non-programming ideas on campaigns that this community may enjoy, please feel free to post in the suggestions area, and we'll of course take note of them and possibly use them. We've done so in the past (banner contest, for example), and good ideas in that field are always appreciated. Ideas that include changes to the game or allowing players to use multiple accounts on our existing servers can, however, not be accepted, so please refrain from posting them.

I am going to close this thread now; please don't try opening a new one on the same topic again.

Thank you very much for your understanding,

best regards,

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