Dear Admins - STOP censoring us

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Dear Admins - STOP censoring us

Post by Guest » 20.04.2012, 17:48

Dear pearlbay and Admins,

There was no need to close the thread. We know that we are talking about a game and not a toy, and we know that we are just players and not owners that have the right to change the game.

However, as players, the ones that play the game, are appeling to something that you actually seem to understand a bit.
The thing is, games are just like Economics. You guys (supply) need to offer a product according to the players (demand) desires and needs. Therefore, you should want to hear us because we are willing to help and give great suggestions and tell what we would like to see and what would make us, and new players, be more affiliated to the game (when I say you, I mean the team). Rather than just saying that you won't implement any more changes, you should try to find out why we are not happy and why this is not working so well and, most of all, what could be done to keep everyone happy, and not only making you happy.
This is not just about disrespect for long timers and paid players (because if there are paid players, maintainence it almost and obligation), this is just lack of will and lack of vision for the game. This game has the potencial to be a top game in a worldwide scale. But, like any other games, it needs changes, and I need to underline that we are talking about small changes, small promotions and things that make all the difference and keep the game fantastic rather than just alive.

This is not war, this is a rescue, and we are here to help, not to complain. We care about this game, and the team should do the same, along our side and not in our back. Decisions should be made by you, but according to us, your players, your customers, the ones that take most part in the life of Kapilands.
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Re: Dear Admins - STOP censoring us

Post by Guest » 20.04.2012, 18:35

Perfect timing by the way, as admins won't be on again till Friday.

However by confronting the admins you risk them banning you (in game as well). Just saying.

I have noticed that Upjers has defectively stopped designing text based games, all the new games are literally just animations and not much unique game play. So they must have given up developing this much further. We can't change this decision as senior guys from the German version decided this. Pearlbay is just the person assigned to maintain this version and I doubt she can do much herself, so there is no point complaining about it to her so lets be PROACTIVE.

Limited multi-accounting, more help in the paper and no market fees are the way forward. Please if we want to help/rescue/save Kapilands we need to discuss things things and be proactive not whinge and complain about things.


Re: Dear Admins - STOP censoring us

Post by Guest » 20.04.2012, 18:40

Didn't thought about the timing but they posted today so I answered today and they'll answer when they can.
I'm not complaining, like I said, we want to help, and I see no reason to ban me just by directing the post to them. This is a game where players are very involved, so we should be able to talk to them I guess, of course, in a peacefull way.
The frustration is that they don't let us be proactive, I mean, we can be, but they won't listen because they already assumed that changes were not going to happen, so it's pretty much useless thinking on things that could change or could improve the game.
I've been scrolling down the suggestions and proposals field and I've not come across one single positive feedback, they only seem to answer to the ones that are refutable and don't try to develop the good ones (that lolzer already sugested some) along with the players by asking how would it work.


Re: Dear Admins - STOP censoring us

Post by Guest » 21.04.2012, 05:39

well, for be honest, i'm really like kapilands and always playing it non stop...but the problem is this game is getting boring as it;s all predictable...if you want to get lots of money, just engages in wardrobes / gas business...that's all..
sometimes, people changes their business in order to get new challenge and not getting bored..

maybe admins can give us solution about anything...well, i think maybe admins can get more campaign or promotions about so it can attract more players to play this game...if upjers wants to create other games, make sure its in .com too, as if you make it only in .de, then it;s only limited for germans.

well, who knows about upcomings..let;s pray,.. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


Re: Dear Admins - STOP censoring us

Post by Guest » 22.04.2012, 00:08

I think everyone needs to be realistic about the developers. If you look around at what's happening in social games things are clearly getting more competitive and smaller companies like upjers can't be having things too easy. I'm sure they need to prioritise development of titles that are more likely to bring in revenue at this point and even if we are paying customers I think it's essential to be somewhat understanding of that.

The reality is that Kapilands, while it has a lot of that intangible "fun" factor that even some well designed games miss, is highly flawed due to the imbalance in profitability of a lot of the buildings and the admins rather laughable stance of "oh not everything needs to be for profit"... in an economy simulation... sigh. That's not going to change without a big shift in profitability of various buildings and making such a change would alienate some portion of the player base regardless of how well they do it. In addition, every social game just runs out of steam at some point and cools off to just being played by a small group of hardcore fans.

To the admins, you really need to grow up regarding censorship - I had a fax deleted just because I said things were starting to get boring? They ARE getting boring. A lot of people say so. You need to understand that customers may tolerate heavy handedness from AAA companies that have irreplaceable IP, but YOU ARE NOT one of those companies. I for one will never again spend a cent on another title developed by upjers or its staff... at least not knowingly, and I will encourage anyone thinking of purchasing your product to have a long hard look at whether your attitudes to your customers have changed before spending anything.

Anyway, you guys DO have a talent for developing games that have that intangible "fun" quality so I hope you learn from your mistakes and go on to make great games.


Re: Dear Admins - STOP censoring us

Post by Guest » 22.04.2012, 08:35

Kapilands on a whole is very much different from other games. Nowdays people want cute little animations and since Kapilands is not built on animations new players will most likely not find a new version of Kapilands amusing. That makes any change to the game not worth it because it will most likely cost more than it would bring in.

Also, the way I see it, they would have to change some core features to make this game more fun and more competitive. My first thought falls on the "level system". This is pretty pointless, and it is also one of the reasons why prices of products are so high in the game. Leveling causes your company to lose productivity. To keep being relatively productive, players, like myself, spend money to avoid gaining levels. Players stop thinking about what products are actually worth and keeps shopping to get rid of some money. The sellers then keep inflating the prices. And since we don't get new players who will drop prices, to get sales to build up their small business, everything will just get worse.

The second thing, that has already been brought up in this thread, is the imbalance of different products. Some things are profitable to retail and some things are not profitable at all. This would have to change too. Every product should be worth retailing in any country, not just "Europe".

I completely understand why they won't improve the game, or work on version 2 of it.
I wonder if they would object to a fan-made version 2 of the game. :P


Re: Dear Admins - STOP censoring us

Post by Guest » 22.04.2012, 12:09

I'm going to lock this until an admin sees this, for obvious reasons.

I think between the players and admins, the same things can be said over and over again, but they're not going to change anything.
Read Pearlbay's reply on the revolution thread and you'll know why things are the way they are.
I'll send this thread on to Pearlbay as well, if she wants to reply to this, she will.
But I don't think you'll get a very different reply, no matter how often this comes up.