King Of The Hill

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King Of The Hill

Post by Guest » 19.02.2007, 19:26

The rules are simple and the game can be fun. Post how the hill is taken from it's owner. The game ends when no one wants to play anymore. The last person to post is crowned King/Queen of the hill. Remember to think outside the box and don't just use in-game ways to take the hill. Use trained animals, aliens, undead, whatever. I'll start.

I walk to top of a hill and sit at top.

My Hill. :)


Post by Guest » 19.02.2007, 19:41

i jump from an aeroplane with the parachute and land on the top of the hill.
It is my hill now :P


Post by Guest » 19.02.2007, 19:49

im still on the hill so its still mi hill:P


Post by Guest » 19.02.2007, 19:52

i buy the hill. leave my ground !!!


Post by Guest » 19.02.2007, 19:53

but the i get in my new land rover and i go on the top and i claim it


Post by Guest » 19.02.2007, 19:53

i walk up the hill with a shot gun and shot you in the head
mi hill


Post by Guest » 19.02.2007, 20:24

I go to the top of the hill with a Army of zombies, kill you all and I claim the hill...
It's mine now...


Post by Guest » 19.02.2007, 20:27

I survey the hill and see genghis with a shotgun in his hand, a dead warrior1993 in his landrover.

I consign a trained assassin thief to steal the paperwork that Jonny has for the hill, erase his name and sign my name in erasbale ink, I then tell the trained assassin theif to go to a nearby hill and shoot genghis in the leg. I procede to fly towards the hill, which is now mine due to the paperwork and the erasable ink, unoccupied apart from genghis who has a bullet in his leg and cant defend himself. I drop down from my plane which is hovering over the hill, and grab genghis, putting a knife to his throat i claim the hill mine.

I now have genghis as a human shield to protect me from fire and command my traied assassin theif to watch guard for any potential invaders, and additionaly my plane is automatic and is guarding the airspace

The Hill.......... IS MINE :lol: :lol: :lol:




Post by Guest » 19.02.2007, 20:32

I come to the hill with the Superman, Batman, Spider-man, Blade, Hulk and Daredevil (all super-heros), and destroy all your defences with me in comand. I burn the paperwork and kill phoenix oil with hulk, and take his industries to mine.
The assassin is dead because I kill him with a bazooka, and the Airplane has been destroyed by the Superman.
I put all the Marvel Super-heros in the defence of the hill.
THE HILL IS MINE NOW!!!!!!!! :lol:


Post by Guest » 19.02.2007, 21:08

i get some alien techno to blow everything up on the hill and they re create me as a robot with everything included to fend off anything that come up the hill :twisted:


Post by Guest » 19.02.2007, 21:24

I use an emp to disable you and as the hills has now been blown to smitharines by everyone i build a new one with radioactive dirt so anyone that wants to take the hi;ll from me will eventually die of radiation (i dont mind dieing of radiation so im king of the hill)


Post by Guest » 19.02.2007, 21:46

The half life of the radiation that infests your hill is 0.0000004 seconds.

Within a matter of hours u die.

ui wait patiently and build another hill!

Once again the master owns the hill!


Post by Guest » 19.02.2007, 22:01

But when you are building another hill, you fall from there and you fall 1809715294654975849487189496474335985783497534875484444444
7334873487 meters and die.
I finish your construction and I AM THE KING OF THE HILL AGAIN!!!!!!! :lol:

edit Attotech: I formated the nuber because it was too long for the layout


Post by Guest » 19.02.2007, 22:23

i then send my comando force up the hill, they shoot you and i take over the hill. i then blow it up, steal all the dirt and make one massive hill. i then plant mines, set tanks and a billion troops around the hill. i also have a nucler missile aimed for the hill, i am sitting on the red button that if i leave the hill for any reason then is pressed firing the nuclear missle at the hill killnig everyone there and vaporising the enitre area including all the dirt, so even if i die, no one else can rule the hill.



Post by Guest » 19.02.2007, 23:11

btw if u wanted to play this game properly the rules would be the winner is the person who is the king of the hill for the lonegst amount of time :wink:

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