Never Ending Story

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Post by Guest » 07.03.2010, 19:49

He got awarded a spazzy trophy at the Special Olympics for his efforts


Post by Guest » 03.04.2010, 16:07

then he joined the army


Post by Guest » 16.07.2010, 16:53

and shot Chuck Norris.

(Sorry ILI)


Post by Guest » 16.07.2010, 22:23

bullet bounced back and the shooter died.
Chuck Norris was sad that he didn't get the chanse to roundhouse kick him, so he revived him and roundhouse kicked him and the shooter died.


Post by Guest » 17.07.2010, 15:38

Chuck Norris then went into Israel to find his no.1 fan, ILI, but he was not there as he was bombing Gaza


Post by Guest » 17.07.2010, 18:23

out of his super cool airplane, because ILI is a pilot in the idf, and because bombing is fun. (especially fun if it's bombing the people that bomb the country I live in for almost 10 years already :D)
So Chuck Norris took a rock, and turned it into an airplane and flew and helped me bomb them. :twisted:

Years later he helped me take over the world and...


Post by Guest » 17.07.2010, 19:58

lived happily ever after.



Post by Guest » 18.07.2010, 13:16

VerConMat arrived in his Toyota Corolla, equipped with novelty horn and cheap chrome sports exhaust, and immediately left the country because he found out that there was a severe lack of foreskin :roll: :twisted:

He then went back to Holland and watched replays of the world cup final :P

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