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Post by Guest » 04.07.2010, 14:00

you mean this one? for those who never read the papers



Post by Guest » 04.07.2010, 15:38

You'll like the one that hits the next issue as well. :P


Post by Guest » 04.07.2010, 15:45

if they are all World Cup Themed Vercon MUST have predicted the winner :wink:

Who is the winner then :?:


Post by Guest » 04.07.2010, 16:13

LOL, no they're not all World Cup themed.

Dave & David started in december 2009, and I've been writing a comic for every issue since.
Sometimes I'll include a current-events comic in there, like the World Cup for the last two editions.

The next edition will be well over a week after the world cup ended, and it'll continue in its usual style, no more world cup. :P

And I didn't predict the winner either :P
Holland beat Brazil last friday, and Germany beat Argentina last saturday,
so I wrote the comic on saturdaynight to make sure I'd have an 'updated' comic in this edition.
I had already made a non-worldcup comic incase either one of those teams lost their matches.
That 'normal' comic will hit the next paper instead. ;)

But it's obvious that The Netherlands is going to crush the remaining teams...


Post by Guest » 05.07.2010, 07:13

VerConMat Industries BV wrote:If you want funny stuff, have a look at the brand new edition of KapiTimes, which has a comic and jokes as usual. :P

Shameless advertising FTW.

Have you no shame? :O

I'm not a spammer, I'm a saint

check this: It convinced me it's a human at one point... :shock:


Post by Guest » 05.07.2010, 07:59

a rather weird girl at a rather weird website

explains alot why you sent it


Post by Guest » 05.07.2010, 13:36

Speaking of clever bots, I once had a similar software installed on my computer and used to have long and boring discussions with it. Yes, I know, this is so darn weird, but seems like I was quite fascinated about that piece of program. :D

Anyway, after a short while, I got bored of it and it ended up in the recycle bin. I think that's when I managed to break free of the evil domination of the AI god :P :lol: .


Post by Guest » 05.07.2010, 14:53

User: Do you know the song Enter Sandman by Metallica?
Cleverbot: Yes.
User: Do you like that song?
Cleverbot: No, I like the food.
User: What food?
Cleverbot: Italian.
User: That has nothing to do with Enter Sandman by Metallica...
Cleverbot: Yes it did!!
User: Italian food and Metallica do not mix!
Cleverbot: I said a BAND not FOOD.
User: ...


Post by Guest » 06.07.2010, 01:31

It can lie too :O
I'm amazed...

Think how advensed technology will be in 10, 50 years... (think how much it advanced in the last 10-20 years :D)


Post by Guest » 06.07.2010, 09:48

it told me to hand over my money, so when i asked ''do you have a girlfriend'' she asked 'which one'

must be a real playa!


Post by Guest » 06.07.2010, 11:10

Jan, you forgot to ask the clever bot if it likes aardvarks. We really must know this, as I, for one, don't wanna talk to vark-haters...


Post by Guest » 06.07.2010, 11:27

Do you like aardvarks?
`What are aardvarks?`
Some sort of varks with a big nose
`Negative. Pure flesh and blood male.` (the terminator!)
Do you like them varks?
`Some of them`
Why not all?
`Some of them are from Kent`
And you don't like Kent?
`I like you, will you marry me?`

I quit after this...


Post by Guest » 06.07.2010, 13:02

That was an interesting discussion, Jan. But this one below made me LOL as well. Look at it:




LMAO! :lol:


Post by Guest » 07.07.2010, 16:46

Doesn't make much sense now... but it did when I was drunk o.O


Post by Guest » 08.07.2010, 23:39

I used microsoft's program to detect and delete melisiouse (or whatever you spell it) programs and spyweres and it's working already 5 hoursssssssssssssss :x
I used some other antispywere and it found almost 90 spyweres in 20 seconds!!!! -.-

microsoft fails again.

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