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Post by Guest » 02.06.2010, 16:13

kingrewt wrote:So back on topic

Is double posting and replying to your own post total spam?

thread creator so can change the subject
Not really, sometimes you need to post about two different things (usually when there are two quotes you want to make and you don't know how to put them in the same post), Walla does that a lot, but it isn't spam unless the thing one posts about is spam. :wink:


Post by Guest » 02.06.2010, 16:18

I think it is :wink:


Post by Guest » 02.06.2010, 16:22

Then you are wrong. :wink:

it might be a little bit spammy but not TOTAL spam. :roll:

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Post by GoldenEye » 02.06.2010, 16:32

Just a small hint on "How to use the "quote"-tag".

Code: Select all

And also with an author:
author wrote:Text

Code: Select all

So you can see: It is very, very easy. :D
Please avoid multiple postings - just use the "edit"-button when you forgot something. In nearly every case there is no need for "multiple" postings.

And maybe you guys could start using the "post reply"-button instead of the "quote"-button in future, please. ;)
It is very exhausting to read through/scroll down metres of quotations and at the end just find something like "It is great that you are so cool!" or any other short answers.
It is especially not necessary to use "quote-in-quote"; especially not when only two people are posting. Thank you!

Just a few words on the topic of "spam":
There is a difference between funny talking and spam.
Unfortunately this is often mixed up... and in the last days it has incredibly often been mixed up.
I am not against some creative, interesting, funny ideas and posting.
But starting such an immense spam-offensive, posting in nearly every thread, repeating the same thing over and over again, writing completely nonsense is spam... and not funny anymore.
We will not tolerate this spam in here and ask everybody not to rape the "post reply"-button.
Sometimes less is more!
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Post by Guest » 02.06.2010, 17:01

Thank you Goldeneye for

a) not locking this thread
b) agreeing that we have a spamming offence
c) and teaching people how to quote properly

So do any other agree that spamming has got out of hand and need sto be sorted out. Well Goldeneye agrees so, I think this thread is of no more relevance.

Please close this thread Goldeneye when you get a moment.