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Post by Guest » 13.06.2010, 15:33

I believe the forum is rather dead simply because the majority of threads made get off topic fast with all its spam. Quite difficult to keep track of a discussion when that happens.
Besides, there's not much to talk about related to this game. Goals and strategies perhaps. Those topic have been covered already.

*shrugs and leaves*

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Post by GoldenEye » 14.06.2010, 06:43

I know that the Kapilands-board is not the typical discussion-board. Yet Kapilands has so many topics to discuss (it is not only about business strategies although even those have not fully discussed in here in my opinion).
You can of course discuss different strategies, you can try to help new players, you can set up "community activities" (not only some short games) etc.

But you need players that are willing to do something for this.
Of course a forum can never work as long as nobody participates in it. (Ab)using the "Off Topic"-section has nothing to do with the entire "board activity". You can see it in most of the topics in the "Off Topic"-section... people in here are not even willing to start a serious, topic-orientated discussion. And short, sometimes aggressive or somehow "arrogant" answers in the "on topic"-sections (especially in the "beginner help"-section) poison even the last activity.
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Post by Guest » 14.06.2010, 08:35

Spam is everywhere, not just in Off-Topic. I know of at least one person that seems to make it his/her mission to go off-topic in the General board and also Questions. Just saying.

I personally have nothing to say about my way of playing or feel the need to delve into deeper discussions of my goals that I haven't already. The few topics I have engaged in related to strategies have resulted in people belitteling others for the way they choose to play (red vs green powerplant. Breeding cattle/pigs or not. Pricing.). Motivation to start topics runs dry with this in mind. I don't think I am the only one who feels like this.


Post by Guest » 14.06.2010, 09:28

It's what the people want eh..cant change it except banning, but if you do that its even emptier..


Post by Guest » 14.06.2010, 22:35

I agree. If there would be a banning spree, I'm afraid this place would really start to become even more deserted..


Post by Guest » 16.06.2010, 09:22


Like this


Post by Guest » 16.06.2010, 14:38

That picture says it all. No further comments needed!

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