new posts do not show

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new posts do not show

Post by Guest » 14.12.2009, 11:13

i went to the forums today and all the topics showed no new posts
when i clicked the threads there were new posts


Post by Guest » 14.12.2009, 12:31

you probobly already visited the forum and left, without reading all of the posts.
it shows there are no new posts since you left,
but there ARE posts that you didn't read.


Post by Guest » 15.12.2009, 02:54

no... it's not that


Post by Guest » 10.01.2010, 12:52

now it happens to me :/

and there's that topic in 'off topic' 'power plants'
that says it has 2 replies and the last one I did, but when I enter it it shows only 1 reply (not mine, I don't eaven remember replying there)

and I haven't seen new posts already 3 days :/

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Post by pearlbay » 11.01.2010, 07:54

The forum does sometimes have a few hiccups, I tend to have the same problem every once in a while. Really nothing I can do from this end to solve this, at any rate, there is nothing faulty with the settings.

I am hoping to have the forum upgraded at some point this year (obviously sooner rather than later), as the new version doesn't seem to have these problems. It's on my wish-list to our programmers, at any rate :-)


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Post by Guest » 11.01.2010, 13:35

ok :)



Post by Guest » 11.01.2010, 16:07

If there is a new forum will we lose are post stats?


Post by Guest » 11.01.2010, 18:00

does it realy metter?

(you if you do, then you will probobly be the first in evrything xD)

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