This has to be included in a bug report

Always add your player ID, your company name and the Realm you play in to your description. Describe the problem as detailed as possible!

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This has to be included in a bug report

Post by Guest » 20.01.2007, 10:39

Hi @ all,

if you find a bug in the game please post it in this forum. There are somethings the suport has to know. Plese post the following datas here:
  • Please write into the title what the bug is about. Please don't use titels like "I need help!". This is important for the overview in this forum.
  • Please describe the very detailed what you have done and what is the unintentional effect of the bug. Every detail helps to find the bug quicker.
  • Is the bug reproduceable?
  • If it is a bug in the layout, please also post the name of your browser.
  • Look if the bug has also been postet by an other user. If a bug is reportet more than once it doesn't help.
  • Please post your user-id!
  • Don't spam in the threads if it doesn't help to remove the bug. Dont' post complaints about bugs in this forum.

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Post by Zbombe » 26.10.2007, 05:12

As reason we are having more than just one realm now, it is very important that you also post your Realm you are playing in.
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