[Closed] Well buildings bug!!!

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[Closed] Well buildings bug!!!

Post by Guest » 01.06.2015, 18:38

Player ID: Bruce83
Company name: BRUCORP
Realm: Realm 2

I have two fully developed wells in Saudi Arabia (building ids: 425219, 425220). These buildings have different ratios (units per hour). For example building 425219 produces 5193.16 units of Oil per hour and 425220 produces 2077.26 units of Oil per hour.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Well buildings bug!!!

Post by verkon » 02.06.2015, 14:21

Could it be that you forgot the building optimization on one of them?

You can only optimize buildings if you at least 400 workers employed and the building is at least 4000m².


Re: Well buildings bug!!!

Post by Guest » 08.06.2015, 15:47

Yeah, that was the problem. I forgot to optimize the buildings by mistake.
Thank you very much.

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