Spelling mistakes (FIXED)

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Spelling mistakes (FIXED)

Post by Guest » 20.01.2007, 10:19

Here you can post spelling mistakes, you have found in the game.

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Post by Zbombe » 21.01.2007, 20:11

Message from System, 21.01.07 21:10

Subject Congratulations
a local business magazine elected you to the manager of the month.

Therefore you got 5.000


Post by Guest » 21.01.2007, 23:11

You can "hire" quality? set up would be better.


Post by Guest » 22.01.2007, 15:14

You have hired 1 scientists. >>>> You have hired 1 scientist.

Cyclops Corp.

Post by Cyclops Corp. » 22.01.2007, 15:17

This is how it works:

You have X Coins, with them you can at most send X faxes.
One fax is 5 Coins.
Please do not send links.
Faxes which contain a link well be deleted without a comment.

I think you mean "Will"


Post by Guest » 22.01.2007, 16:48

The title now: Kapiland(Kapi3)
right: Kapilands(kapi3)



Post by Guest » 23.01.2007, 08:07

Behind the word 'Status symbols' in the showcase the colon is missing :-)


Post by Guest » 26.01.2007, 12:54

Cacao bottles should be Cocoa bottles.


adress book => in the moment all in german

Post by Guest » 04.02.2007, 17:30

first it was correct
Business partner Germany igm info del contract
Business partner Germany igm info del contract
Contact Mali igm info del contract
now mistake
Handelspartner Germany igm info del contract
Kunde France


sorry I know ----- now ---- in another forum :-)


Post by Guest » 10.02.2007, 22:45

Build menu :arrow: Sell administrative building
I think it should be something like "Administrative building sale"...


Post by Guest » 13.02.2007, 07:09

"You don't have any research buildings yet.

- You can build some in the build menu [Build].

- Later (when you are a Manager) you may also get researches at the research or technology market without own research buildings.

- With the level Manager you also have the opportunity to buy complet research buildings from other players at the building market (or sell your ones)."


without research buildings of a certain type, click the type on the left pane, and this message comes up ... just missing an E on the end of "complete"


Post by Guest » 16.02.2007, 07:49

1 Powert 0 0.06


Post by Guest » 27.02.2007, 06:52

changed and removed because of spoiler


Post by Guest » 04.03.2007, 11:32

Nachricht von System, 4.03.07 12:22
Hello boss,
a poor woman with dirty cloths cloths, long fatty hair and a huge ugly nose is standing with her badly crying newborn in front of your office door and bags you for a gift.
Not sure what fatty is supposed to be. Flat, maybe? Never heard a woman's hair described as fatty. Could probably go for a few less adjectives to point out that the woman looks bad.

Hello boss,
A poor woman with dirty cloths, flat hair and a huge nose is standing at your office door with her crying baby, begging for money.


Post by Guest » 04.03.2007, 11:43

fatty would probably mean greasy.

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