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Post by Guest » 12.05.2013, 18:07

Not really a bug but player NTN is spamming on Realm 2. There is a fax offering cheap power - you ask him for the price then he wants you to repeatedly click a web link to receive power at a price of 0.05

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Re: Spamming

Post by pearlbay » 13.05.2013, 07:04

Hi dan7hughes,

to report other players, please always use our support-tool (that way, the users' names don't have to be mentioned publicly, which is especially important if there are still doubts that the player may indeed have broken the game rules) - you can find it under:

I made sure this player won't be bothering anyone anymore - thank you for your report!

Best regards,

In case of urgent problems or questions, please use our support form!

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