Account Locked for no reason??

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Account Locked for no reason??

Post by Guest » 11.10.2012, 22:52

Firstly my user ID is 214721

I tried to logon this morning and it is telling me my account was locked due to a breach of the rules.

What the heck?? Which rule did I break? I didn't do anything wrong.

I've spent years on my account and is it just permanently closed now?? I've lost all the years and money i've spent on my account

This is the first time i've logged in many weeks, i was away on holiday and my little brother was taking care of my company in the meanwhile for me.

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Re: Account Locked for no reason??

Post by pearlbay » 12.10.2012, 07:33

The question has been answered via the support-system. I'll close this topic then!

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